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The Oasis Value Proposition

Perhaps you are an adventurous soul in search of excitement and new experiences like learning to surf, kiteboard or scuba dive. Perhaps you are someone who is seeking a quiet place to unwind or contemplate your next book or movie script. You may want to work on yourself, to lose weight or get in shape with the latest yoga practice or by taking long walks or runs on a pristine white sand beach. You may enjoy horseback riding as the sun rises and the waves break on our island’s shore. Either way, you will most likely be looking for a special destination that can offer you that ideal environment and those perfect conditions that will accommodate these goals and objectives. Now we all know that for a price and the time required to travel there are destinations all over the world that can fulfill those requirements yet rarely do we find a place that can offer you the ideal backdrop for all of the above and more at competitive prices that are also convenient from Australia, Singapore, and Jakarta.
The Oasis Eco Resort will provide all of this and much more including an organic farm that grows organic heirloom fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantities to supply the needs of the entire Resort. You will enjoy clean and healthy nutritious foods during your stay whether it be for a few days or for longer periods of time as a resident and owner of your own land and eco-dwelling that resides within The Oasis Resident Community. The Oasis has embraced a unique vision in the way we consider you, our community of indigenous workers, as well as the environment and eco-system of the island, in all that we do. See our CSR. Our Ethos is, “What is Good for People is Good for Business” and we mean it and have expressed it in all the ways we have designed and planned our business model.
We invite you to participate as a resident owner with all the flexibility that will provide for your preferences in every way. You may stay as a permanent resident and live within the resort campus full time or during times away you may choose to allow us to manage your eco-dwelling as a rental made available to Resort guests. This will provide you with a passive income stream that in a short time can repay your entire initial investment.
There are many more reasons you may want to own your very own piece of paradise but one of the very best that sets us apart from the rest is our location in the Southern Hemisphere where the ocean and wind currents protect us from the pollution of the Nothern Hemisphere. It is a known fact that the Southern hemisphere is much more unspoiled by the ravages of pollution of all types and kinds and this is a very important distinction as well as our proximity to Australia, Singapore, and Bali, all of which are major tourist destinations and travel hubs that will serve as feeder hubs for our Resort and the earning potential it may represent to you as our partner in The Oasis.



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