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Our Vision of The Oasis

Clear World Resorts is building an Eco Resort community comprised of earth friendly residential Dwellings with you in mind. We are building homes and other structures using renewable environmentally friendly materials and incorporating state of the art water management technology for providing potable drinking water directly from the ocean and atmosphere. Waste water treatment will be based on a biofilm media that will effectively and safely treat all the wastewater of The Oasis Eco Resort in a compact containerized solution. The bi-products of this advanced water treatment technology are clean water and a safe biofertilizer to be used for our community landscapes.

Our organic farm will use Ancient Ayurvedic Farming Methods known as Homa Organic Farming which has been shown over the course of the last 43 years to dramatically increase production and as well as the food’s shelf life and nutritive value and quality. All of this value is being made available to individuals who understand that money is only as good as what it will provide and see the wisdom of participating in The Oasis Eco Resort because it provides more than simply a home. The Oasis will provide abundant healthy foods, clean water as well as a healthy and enjoyable way of living in a community setting featuring activities like Kiteboarding, Water skiing, snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Tandem Paragliding, Horseback Riding and White Sand Beach Yoga Retreats.

The Oasis will feature 3 Kawasaki jet skis, 2 diving excursion zodiacs and a 25 ft. catamaran.The Oasis will also support and promote respectful co-operation with the local community to be included in every aspect of our development and management. Our goal is to also establish strong relationships with other Eco-projects from around the world to stay informed and focused on ways to improve our community and the technologies we use while also advocating and maintaining the highest standard of Earth Stewardship in all we do.

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