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Containerized Desalination and Wastewater Technology

When we first started to consider our ideas for The Oasis Eco Resort it became clear very soon in our planning that we would need to provide a continuous and patent source for clean water that could be used for both human consumption and also for our food crops and landscaping needs during times of little or no rain. As there have been droughts that can last up to several months here in the Indonesian Archeapalago we decided that as a primary source for our continuous water needs the ocean itself would make the most sense and therefore desalination was looked at first and determined to be the most reliable for our needs.

The 2 major concerns inherent in this choice are the energy requirements and the waste disposal of the brine component that results. To manage these concerns and make best use of this solution we chose Canadian Clear Group to be our solution provider.


Canadian Clear Group of Companies was established in 1972 to overcome the need for pure potable water for drinking and for industries. In Canadian Clear our Research and Development wing have worked to design, develop, manufacture complete Water Treatment and Purification System.
For the last four decades Canadian Clear has successfully designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a number of Water Treatment Plants with Indigenous and foreign technical know-how to prime industries, fertilizers, hospitals, Government and semi-Government organization, off-shore oil rigs, refineries, soft drink manufacturers, breweries and mineral water manufacturers for various applications.
With proper selection of sea water source understanding the factors of high tide and low tide, backwaters of sea can be exploited with much higher efficiency through the Reverse Osmosis System than directly drawing water from the sea. The sea is an endless resource of water and will never deplete even if large quantities of water are drawn from its resource.The reject water from the Reverse Osmosis System can be sent back in the sea as they constitute only with concentrated salts which was originally available in the sea water. The concentrated salt is of such micro-level that it can never increase the concentration of salts in the sea water.
Alternatively, the reject water from the Reverse Osmosis System can be utilized for producing common salt by natural drying method or by flash evaporators or other salt recovery methods.The investments on Desalination Plants today are not highly exorbitant as it was 15 to 20 years ago. With world market opening up to open trade the viabilities of such projects are very encouraging.

Containerized Wastewater Treatment

Portable wastewater treatment systems from 100 up to 4000 residents – 10 to approx. 800 m3 wastewater per day buil in Container.A restriction in the container size typically 20 or 40-foot shipping containers are used and scaling is only determined by the number of containers needed to meet the needs of the community by connecting them in a series sufficient to accommodate the specific need. 

  • complete wastewater cleaning in containers
  • portable wastewater treatment plant
  • continual and simple operation
  • the portable container sewage treatment plant is mobile and quickly installed
  • state-of-the art, pre-assembled professionally
  • container sewage treatment plants are durable and can be installed in restricted space conditions

The sludge that accumulates over time will be used to safely fertilize our landscaping and forest trees near and around the community campus.

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